Windows 8.1 (code name Blue)

So it looks like some of the improvements/changes coming in Windows 8.1 include a boot to desktop (disabled by default however).

Enterprise & SME

This one thing would ease the transition from Windows 7 to 8 for enterprise and SME's. There is a large pc base within the public sector here in the UK that still use Windows XP and have only just started the transition to Windows 7. There are a number of these public bodies that have Microsoft Software Assurance and so it will not cost them any more to move from XP to Windows 8 (or 8.1) and it looks like a good future proof path; especially as there is now less than a year of life for XP. Having worked in public sector IT, I have seen users struggle with doing basic tasks with a PC and giving them Windows 8 as it stands now would just crush them morally unless there is a large training program to get people up to speed on Windows 8; which is just not going to happen.


It is interesting though that users are quite happy to use IPads and other tablet devices in the Enterprise and yet there would be a barrier to using Windows 8 tablets. Is this because it crosses the tablet/ desktop divide I wonder? Personally I believe the Surface RT would be a great asset in the Healthcare sector where I am currently based. It is hard wearing easy to clean and has a great battery life. Just need to get more apps on there even if that means side-loading in-house apps.


The timing is just right for enterprise to start to look into Windows 8 on both tablet and desktop hopefully replacing those old XP PC's with more capable Windows 8 ones. Happy coding. References:-


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