Windows 8.1 Tips

At long last Windows 8.1 is now fully available for both Pro and RT and although many other blogs will be posting a 'Whats new', I thought I would chip in with some highlights of my own.

The Start Button

Windows 8.1 Tips - Start Button
There has been a lot of talk over the Internet about this, but its here at last. It doesn't work in the traditional sens like the button in previous versions of Windows has; this takes you to your app listing view.

Show All Apps

Windows 8.1 Tips - Show All Apps
When in your app view, there is now a down icon at the bottom. When you select this, you will get a new view of all your installed apps.
Windows 8.1 Tips - Hide All Apps
Like wise, clicking the up arrow button will take you back to the main start view.

Boot to Desktop

If like me, you do a lot of development work on your Windows 8 machine, you will want to boot straight to desktop. This has been enabled and you can set it as the default by right clicking on the desktop task bar and selecting Properties.
Go to Navigate tab and select 'Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in'
Windows 8.1 Tips - Boot to Desktop

Disable Charms in Desktop Mode

Also in the same tab as that mentioned above, you can disable the charms by clearing the check box under 'Corner navigation' for 'When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms'
Windows 8.1 Tips - Disable Charms

Add a Child Account

My son sometimes likes to play with my Surface RT device and although he is only 3, there will be a time when he wants to play with it without my help. Now you can add a child account and restrict it like this. Go to the PC Settings view by using the charms and choose 'Change PC Settings'
Windows 8.1 Tips - Change PC Settings
Then choose Accounts on the left menu, then click on 'Other accounts' and choose 'Add a user' from the right hand side.
Windows 8.1 Tips - Accounts
Windows 8.1 Tips - Other Accounts
Enter the child's e-mail address, don't worry if they don't have one or you don't want them to have one, you can configure it in a moment. Choose the 'Add a child's account'.
Windows 8.1 Tips - Child Account
Now choose the 'Add a child's account without email'
Windows 8.1 Tips - Childs EMail
Enter their username and password (might be wise to make it easy to remember for both the child and the Sys Admin person/dad)
Windows 8.1 Tips - Childs Username & Password
That is it for setting it up, now you may want to add some restrictions to that account.

Restrict a Child Account

To add restrictions, you need to go into desktop mode and navigate to the Control Panel; you can do this by using the key combination Windows + x which brings up the following menu.
Windows 8.1 Tips - Getting to the Control Panel
Then go to 'User Accounts and Family Safety and choose 'Set up Family Safety for any user'
Windows 8.1 Tips - Control Panel
Choose the child account you want to restrict, then start to lock it down.
Windows 8.1 Tips - User Settings
You can restrict web sites.
Windows 8.1 Tips - Web Site Restriction
Windows 8.1 Tips - Web Site Restriction
This will also turn on SafeSearch for the main search engines You can also restrict the installed apps as well. Hope this helps. Happy coding


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