I am not big on predictions especially when it comes to the tech industry; it just moves too quickly. However I am going to chance one, but maybe its more a wishful thought than a prediction, but here goes. A Prediction for Windows By the end of 2014 there will be two windows operating systems. Windows Pro - Running Intel 32 and 64 bit versions which will give users access to apps from the store and legacy (lets face it the vast majority of applications are the more traditional ones we have been using for the past couple decades; they ain't going anywhere just yet.) Windows on ARM - This will be any other device from phone to 10 inch tablets. But here's the killer; Microsoft will drop the Phone title, so there won't be a Windows Phone anymore. Just devices that may or nay not include a phone. They have to drop the Phone moniker simply because they have to have a simpler name for any ARM device. This will solve Julie Larson-Greens issue when she referred to not having the three Windows operating systems. So when will this happen? There will most likely be an announcement at Build 2014 about Windows Phone 8.1. But there is already leaks about Windows 8.1 Update 1. Maybe this will align the ARM OS more closely with an 8.2 release that will leave only the Windows Pro 8.2 and Windows 8.2 running on ARM chips. A Wish for Bing As there will be different device sizes, could Microsoft Bing please filter web results for the size if the requesting device? Doing Shopping at Christmas on a Lumia 520 to find the site doesn't have a responsive site is just unworkable in this day and age. If a website wants to take my money, please at least make the experience a reasonable one.   Happy Coding


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