Trello is a fantastic web based tool that helps you set up a Kanban board for pretty much anything. A typical example would be for software development practices such as listings for ToDo, Doing and Done. 0
But Trello is so configurable that you can use it for other non development tasks. I have boards set up for stuff I need to do for my home and a board for my business projects.

Visual Studio Online

If you have not used Visual Studio Online before, but have used Team Foundation Service. Well Visual Studio Online is very similar to the web experience of TFS.

Creating Cards in Trello from Visual Studio Online

With a bit of configuration, it is possible to join up Trello and Visual Studio Online, so that when certain tasks are done in VS Online then it is communicated to Trello where it can create a new card for example. This gives a great visual experience for when new work items are created and if you are the sort of place that have information radiators dotted around the office, can give a quick representation of the tasks as they are added to the project backlog. Firstly go to Trello and get an Authorization token for Visual Studio Online here.

Now go to your Visual Studio Online account and go to the Admin section from the top right cog icon.
This tabbed area allows you to set up what are called Service Hooks, they are in preview at the moment so may be liable to change.
There are many services that you can hook into, here we choose Trello.

Set up a trigger that will call an action when an event in VS Online is triggered.
Enter what action you want to happen, here I want to create a card in a board I have set up specifically for my project MoonPhase. It is here you need to input the authentication token you got earlier.
So now it is all set up.
So by creating a new work item in my project backlog, a new card is created for me in Trello.
Happy coding.


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