How many times have you been working on a web page only for the browser to display old cached data? Its a pain to have to remeber to press the CTRL + F5 key combination, not to mention what injury you are doing to your fingers in the process. There is a way to disable the browser cache for the main browsers, here I will quickly show you what I do. Internet Explorer Click on the gear icon
Choose Internet options
Go to the Browsing history section in the General tab and press the settings button
Select the Caches and databases tab
Then clear the check box for 'Allow website caches and databases'. Come back out by clicking the OK button all the way back to the web page view. Chrome Go to the F12 developer tools Click on the gear icon in the right hand side of the developer tools window
Check the 'Disable cache (while DevTools is open) under the General section
The cache is re-enabled when the user comes back out of the developer tools. Firefox Enter about:config in the address bar
Click on the button warning you about making changes Locate the network.http.use-cache entry
Double click the entry and it will change from true to false


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