I am a big fan of continous integration and automated builds and letting somebody else look after the infrastructure. I am a develoer and although quite happy to install Team City, Team Foundation Server etc, I would prefer somebody else to do the install (correctly) and well just look after it and make sure the hardware and database systems are working correctly. So when Microsoft announced last year that they launched Team Foundation Service for development and build in the cloud I had to have a look. Well it took some time to get off my butt and have a play around with it, so long infact that Microsodt ended up renaming it to Visual Studio Online. Personally I think this renaming was a big mistake, but I won't delve too much into that here. So how do you go about creating an application in Visual Studio and have it uploaded to Visual Studio Online? Firtsly you need a Visual Studio online account, so go here first and sign up. Now open up Visual Studio, I am using VS2013 here for this demo. Create your project and make sure the boilerplate code builds ok. Now go on over to Visual Studio Online and create a new project there
Give the project some details
It will now create it
All done.
Now go over to Visual Studio and right click the solution in Solution Explorer and choose to add it to source control.
You have a choice between TFS Version Control and Git. I am going to choose TFS for this.
It will now connect to your Team Foundation Service, you may need to input your credentials here. Choose your project from the listing it finds under your account in Team Foundation Service.
Now if you get an error such as this, don't panic cancel your way back out.
Go to Team Explorer and choose the little plug icon to Connect to your team project.
Then click on the Select Team Projects link.
You now get a pop up, put a tick in the project ypu want to connect to. Why it doesn't do this initially I don't know.
You will see the project listed now.
Then go back and right click the solution in Solution Explorer like before and choose the project.
Now do a check in.
Give it a comment. I always state that it is the initial check in when doing this the first time.
Hey presto, you get a confirmation that it has been checked in and you get the Changeset number.
Go back to Visual Studio Online and navigate to your project and have a look at the changesets. You should have you latest change sets listed.
Right lets start adding some work items. Go to the Work sub menu and select New under Backlog items. Fill out the details and click on Add.
Back in Visual Studio, go to Team Explorer and click on Work Items.
Go to Product Backlog and double click it. This will run a query against your backlog items in Team Foundation Service.
There you go, you can read and make changes to the work item locally. Clicking on the Save Work Item button will propogate any changes back to the service.
I hope this quick run through helps you getting up and running with Visual Studio Online. Next I will explore doing automated builds using the Build functionality in Windows Azure. Happy coding.


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