Charms Are Still In Windows 10, But For How Long?

Windows 10

Right so I got the name completely wrong in my last post, I will admit that straight away; talk about a curve ball.

I have been having a play around with the technical preview of Windows 10 and I am liking it a lot. I believe it is definitely an easier migration path for enterprise users still on XP. Is the reason why Microsoft went from 8 to 10 because of the theory that enterprises have a tendency to miss out on a release when doing their client migrations. So going from XP to Windows 7 and missing Vista and going from Windows 7 to Windows 9 or in this case Windows 10. Who knows.

Charms are still there in Windows 10

There was a rumor going around in the software development community a while back that Charms will be disappearing in the next Windows release. As this image shows, they are still there.



However if you have a Store app open on your desktop and use the same key combination of Windows+C, then you also get access to a lot of the same functionality within the app.



Why is this such a big deal

If you are developing Windows store apps, you need to be sure that what you are coding will be supported in future Windows releases. If you are adding functionality that allows your users to change app settings, they would now be accessible from both the Charms and context menu in the app. Maybe the Charms will disappear by the time Windows 10 gets its full release some time in 2015. At least this way all that work doing app settings fly outs will not go to waste. The other option would be to add the same functionality to a bottom menu in the app, similar to what you do in a Windows Phone app.


Happy coding

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The Next Version of Windows Will Be…Windows

Windows 9 aka Threshold

Just a day to go before more details are released about the next version of Windows and I thought I would have a guess at the name.

Based on this image of Terry Myerson from this link:-

I have done some serious forensic image processing and in the end completely guessed that the Windows text will be centrally aligned.

On my monitor and scaling in Paint.Net there is 156 pixels on the left hand side and just over 156 pixels on the right with no room left for any other lettering or wording as this image shows.


So there you go, its just going to be Windows from now on.


Happy codeing.



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Access IIS Express Website From Remote Machine

IIS Express Run From a Remote Machine

Sometimes running a web application using IIS Express using localhost is fine, but if you want to use the IP address and port to access it from another machine then you need to configure IIS Express. For example if you see this error

Invalid hostname

Invalid hostname

You can get to the IIS Express settings applicationhost.config by going to IISExpress\config in your documents folder.

The important section of the config file are the sites listings

<site name="WebApplication1" id="45">
<application path="/" applicationPool="Clr4IntegratedAppPool">
<virtualDirectory path="/" physicalPath="C:\visual_studio_projects\WebApplication1\WebApplication1" />
<binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:60106:localhost" />

To access it from another machine, you need to add an extra entry for the binding like this:-

<binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:60106:" />

But after restarting IIS Express which is accessible from the try icon you may get this


Visual Studio error

Visual Studio error


Usually all you need to do is start a command console as administrator and run this command:-

netsh http add urlacl url= user=everyone

To delete the same urlacl run this:-

netsh http delete urlacl url=

But sometimes that does not always work and you still cannot run the web application by its IP address. The other approach is to run Visual Studio as administrator. This can be tedious every time you start Visual Studio up, so find its executable which is usually under:-

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio {version}\Common7\IDE

Right click the devenv.exe icon and choose properties. The select the compatibility tab.

Change the Privilege Level to run as administrator like this:-

Visual Studio .exe properties

Visual Studio .exe properties


You can also choose to change this setting for all users if you wish.

Now you should be able to run your web application from another machine such as virtual machine.


Happy coding



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Hooking Trello Into Visual Studio Online


Trello is a fantastic web based tool that helps you set up a Kanban board for pretty much anything. A typical example would be for software development practices such as listings for ToDo, Doing and Done.


Trello Interface

But Trello is so configurable that you can use it for other non development tasks. I have boards set up for stuff I need to do for my home and a board for my business projects.

Visual Studio Online

If you have not used Visual Studio Online before, but have used Team Foundation Service. Well Visual Studio Online is very similar to the web experience of TFS.

Creating Cards in Trello from Visual Studio Online

With a bit of configuration, it is possible to join up Trello and Visual Studio Online, so that when certain tasks are done in VS Online then it is communicated to Trello where it can create a new card for example.

This gives a great visual experience for when new work items are created and if you are the sort of place that have information radiators dotted around the office, can give a quick representation of the tasks as they are added to the project backlog.

Firstly go to Trello and get an Authorization token for Visual Studio Online here.


Applying for authentication token


Received authentication token

Now go to your Visual Studio Online account and go to the Admin section from the top right cog icon.


Visual Studio Online admin area

This tabbed area allows you to set up what are called Service Hooks, they are in preview at the moment so may be liable to change.


Service hooks tab

There are many services that you can hook into, here we choose Trello.


Setting up a trigger

Set up a trigger that will call an action when an event in VS Online is triggered.


Configuring an event

Enter what action you want to happen, here I want to create a card in a board I have set up specifically for my project MoonPhase. It is here you need to input the authentication token you got earlier.


The action

So now it is all set up.


All done

So by creating a new work item in my project backlog, a new card is created for me in Trello.


The cards as they are added to the Trello board

Happy coding.

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